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Corporal Punishment
Extended Bondage
Strap On / Anal



Click here for full details of my C-19 session safety procedure, as some of the activities below will be restricted.

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Sadism is my primary interest above all else in play and nothing makes me more content. My intense affection runs as deep as the tell tale signs on the flesh of the many who have visited me. I love the exquisite juxtaposition of your wanting to stop the sensations, yet craving to continue to please me. This wrestling within your own mind is what arouses me most. Despite my reputation for playing on the harder end of the scale, I also enjoy the company of novices and occasional indulge in softer play. You will be relieved to know that I'm far more approachable than I may appear.

The thought behind my cruelty is to instigate beautiful bruises on your flesh, playing your body like a fine musical instrument and canvas for my art. Your suffering may be administered as a method of punishment or simply as an avenue to amuse me. One of my most favoured implements is the Lochgelly Tawse, which originates from Fife, Scotland. Guess where Mistress hails from? Scottish discipline with a Scottish accent and at it's very best when authentic.

My demeanour is calm, calculating and not without a dry humour. Outside of role play, I don't put on an act or play a character. What you see is simply a woman who loves to use you. My personal preference is not to use safe words in order to instill total loss of control, however unless a specific scenario is enhanced without one, the safe word is always 'Libra'. Using a safeword is not a failure, it is a learning experience. Long term clients will eventually have their safeword removed.


30min: £100, 1hr: £200ph, 90 minutes: £300 etc. At the moment, all funds are to be made by bank transfer in advance, as I don't want to handle cash.



  • Anal Play (not for the faint of heart, nor the tight of orifice)
  • Apparel Worship (boots, shoes, gloves)
  • Ball Busting (slapping, stretching, crushing, punching, from light to Hell on Earth)
  • Bastinado (from light to Hell on Earth)
  • Beat Downs (there is only Hell on Earth)
  • Bondage (rope, cuffs, stockings, leather sleep sack, leather strait jacket, extended bondage)
  • Breath Play (hand over mouth or throat)
  • Castration Fantasy (you won't be needing that anymore...)
  • Chastity (lasting the session, the week, month or year)
  • Cock & Ball Torture (from light to Hell on Earth)
  • Corporal Punishment (from light to Hell on Earth)
  • Domestic Discipline (a stern hand is needed in every household)
  • Duos (with select dominants & submissives. I have my own talented female masochist)
  • Electrics (with various E-Stim and Electrostim toys)
  • Feminisation (make overs for elegant ladies or harlots, forced or voluntary)
  • Figging (this will put a spring in your step...)
  • Humiliation (slapping, mouth soaping, verbal abuse, spitting etc)
  • Interrogation (they talk...they always do)
  • Judicial (the ultimate punishment)
  • Knife Play (an intoxicating thrill on the literal edge)
  • Mummification (pallet wrap, hosiery, vet wrap, sleep sack, duct tape)
  • Needle Play (its incorporation into bondage is a dark delight)
  • Nipple Torture (from light to Hell on earth)
  • Objectification (carpet, table, ashtray etc)
  • Role Play (I am highly skilled in this and love unusual scenarios)
  • Sensory Deprivation (with all senses stolen, there is naught left but sensation)
  • Solitary Confinement (with only your own heart beat for company)
  • Smoking Fetish (human ashtray, inhalation, cigarette torture)
  • Strap on Play (forced fellatio or alternative entrances...)
  • Trampling (with or without my merciless spiked heels)
  • Urethral Sounding (Hegar and rosebud)
  • Water Boarding (the ultimate in fear play)
  • Water Sports (either on you or in you)



I do not partake in any form of body worship at all (this includes foot worship), face sitting, 'tie and tease', being topless or nude, wrestling, switching, hanging, abdl, splosh, hardsports, lift and carry, racial humiliation or so called 'normal' sexual contact. Note that while I do not personally provide relief, if I deem it amusing, I will make you do things to yourself you wish you never started.



If you are a beginner, or even if you enjoy BDSM or fetishism but from a more sensational angle than a psychological one, then there is still a place for you here. You will be able to sample a range of activities in a relaxed atmosphere without the need for a scary 'official' session. You will find me quite down to earth.


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