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Excursions to Manchester, Nottingham, Edinburgh and Glasgow are being planned. To be at my boot heel, thrown over my knee or tormented without end, email to be on my mailing list for each city. You wouldn't want to miss out.



Tuesday 12th, 4-6pm : The first Slut Bed of Shame of the year is nearly upon us. If you have ever fantasised about gent on gent action that is skillfully orchestrated by ladies, then this is the event for you. Ms Tytania and myself will coax, tease and encourage you into being the best whore you always knew you could be. To enquire, you can contact Ms Tytania directly via her website. Dates for the rest of the year are March 13th, April 10th, May 8th, June 13th and July 11th.




If you're looking for a beautiful sadist, then you've come to the right place. I'm a Scottish disciplinarian and dominatrix in London, with 14 years experience professionally and many more from my private life. I adore bondage, role play and cbt, et al. Among my favourite pastimes are:

My demeanour is calm and calculating, with a dry and sardonic humour. Outside of role play, I don't put on an act or play a character; what you see is simply a woman who loves to use you to her advantage. Despite my reputation for playing on the harder end of the scale, I also enjoy the company of novices and occasionally indulge softer play. You'll be relieved to know that I'm far more approachable than I may first appear.

Many have told me they were too nervous to visit for years for fear they would not compare. While I do have my preferences, I don't compare the tolerance of one person to another. Toying with you to the limit is where I find my joy; that is more important to me than what you think other people can take. The point at which your limit is reached yet you withstand just that little bit more for me is such a delicious area of nuance.

I am fortunate to have turned what turns me on into a vocation and have had the pleasure and privilege to have fraternised with many outstanding people, appeared in literally hundreds of videos on dozens of websites and have worked with the greats - such as as Other World Kingdom, English Mansion, Fetish Liza, Angela Ryan, Kendra James and Cruella. I'm currently looking to shoot more with established Femdom websites.

Take the opportunity to peruse my image and clip collections, where you can see me in debaucherous action, before you take the plunge and put yourself at the mercy of my illicit whims.



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