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Click here for full details of my C-19 session safety procedure.

My previous special offer from Lockdown 1 & 2 were a roaring success, so I'm unleashing it once more. To give my gents something to look forward to, any fully pre-paid sessions over 90 minutes will be graced with the following time, pro gratis.

1.5hr: extra 30 min (= 2hrs for £300 instead of £400)
2hr: extra 30 min (= 2.5hrs for £400 instead of £500)
2.5hr: extra 60 min (= 3.5hrs for £500 instead of £700)
3hr: extra 60 min (= 4hrs for £600 instead of £800)

Both types of my Extended Bondage sessions will have 30 min added. We can then meet soon after the lockdown is over.


As you would expect, I only see those who I feel an affinity towards - quality, not quantity. How you present yourself when contacting me has a direct correlation with whether or not you'll ever be at my boots. Presumably you have studied my website and social media and have used that information to decide if you would like to be at my whims. In turn, I need certain information from you, in order to decide if there would be chemistry. The more of the below details you include, the more it will reflect favourably.

* Mention me by name (or I'll assume you have bcc'd in half of London)
* About you (experience, age)
* Health considerations (conditions, injuries, surgeries etc)
* Know thyself (submissive, slave, fetishist, masochist, a mixture, unsure)
* Motivations (how to you want to be made to feel - inferior, degraded, used, valued, useful etc)
* Personal limits (marks, humiliation, certain acts)
* Suggested dates, time and duration (please provide at least one)


I'm rarely available on the same day and generally prefer 2-3 days notice. Once we've established compatibility and planned a date, I'll give you my bank details as all funds are to be made by bank transfer in advance, as in recent times I don't want to handle cash. Afterwards, you will receive the directions and my phone number. On the morning of the session, confirm via text and then phone me once at the landmark you are directed to at the allotted time, then I'll guide you to my front door.

Email: Mistress at RebekkaRaynor dot com

I have invested in creating my own modern, well laid out playspace in Bloomsbury WC1N. It features both a mirrored dungeon and a domestic room, filled with furniture and equipment I've spent over a decade collecting. The atmosphere is warm, candle lit and welcoming. There is free parking right outside after 6.30pm on weekdays and 1.30pm on weekends. The nearest stations are Russell Square (Piccadilly), Holborn (Central, Piccadilly), Euston (Northern, Victoria). I'm a 40 minute journey from Heathrow airport via the underground. For those who would like to bring a gift, my Amazon list should inspire you. Though I have my own personal favourites, you can bring me your favourite wine - I like new discoveries.

Please note that I neither need nor want domestics, drivers, personal slaves, clubbing companions or anything else of that nature. If you happen to see me at an event then you are more than welcome to make a swift introduction, however do understand that I only play at events with close friends.





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